Random shiit ;D

Hello![: Sorry, rl has distracted me from blogging. But here’s a few picture’s of some deal’s and.. stuff i love to death ❤ xD

This cute shirt was free! male and female version included from Arai.
Hair and glasses:Mustache
Bracelet:Blitzed (From the Zombie popcorn hunt,it’s almost over hurry!)
Pose:Body Language
This cute dress is from the Zombie Popcorn hunt,from Rotton Toe. I love it [: its ballerina style,but it’s tattered and sewn. Gloves also included (but not worn)
Pose:Ribbon (Pack of  poses for 10L!)
This cute shirt was from Indie Rose, from the Needle in the Haystack hunt, it has butterfly brooches on the sleeves.
Necklace from:[Kue!]
Shorts:Milk Motion
Pose:Snooky’s Poses


Hope you guy’s enjoyed[:  <33



Hello [:

Hi There 😀

Were new to the blogging world,so cut us some slack. Well,Were Tab Parx,and Ashely Smythe.We made this blog based on secondlife (a virtual game,if you dont play it,your on the wrong blog). We became friend’s over a year ago, and wanted to share with you guy’s everything in our sl,from fashion to bothering people,and complaining about people we hate.

We’ll try to blog as much as possible,but we have lives,and we can’t always do it. So thank’s for reading this 😀